Privacy Policy

All personal information collected via Trilateral Youth Exchange Network (“TYEN”) website is collected, retained and processed by Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (“TCS”) in accordance with relevant laws or with consent from the information subject.
This Personal Information Policy (this “Policy”) established and disclosed pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act of Republic of Korea goes into effect on January 31, 2023.

Purpose for Processing Personal Information

Provision of services

Personal information is processed to provide certain services, including, but not limited to, verifying identity, issuing certificates (education certificates), registering national domain, handling complaints about spam mail/calls, and consulting on entry into foreign markets.

Handling of requests and reports

Personal information is processed to handle various requests and reports, including, but not limited to, access to, correction or deletion of personal information, suspension of processing of personal information, reporting on a personal information leakage incident, and infringement of personal information, spam mail/calls or hacking.

Standards for additional use and provision of personal information

TCS may use personal information of an information subject without the information subject’s consent in consideration of the matters below to the extent reasonably related to the original purpose of collection.

  1. Whether the purpose of additional use and provision is related to the intended purpose of collection;
  2. Whether the additional use and provision is foreseeable in light of the circumstances under which it was collected or processed;
  3. Whether the additional use and provision unreasonably infringes the interests of the information subject;
  4. Whether necessary safety measures such as pseudonymization and encryption have been taken

Personal Information Retention Period

TCS processes and retains personal information in accordance with the relevant laws including the laws stipulated below or to the extent agreed by the information subject.

Relevant Law of the Republic of KoreaProvisionRetention Period
Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.Records on the contract or subscription withdrawal, etc.5 years
Records on the payment and supply of goods, etc.5 years
Records on the consumer complaints or dispute settlement3 years
Protection of Communications Secrets ActLogin information3 months

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

TCS provides personal information to third parties only when permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act, such as with the consent of the information subject and when permitted pursuant to a specific provision of the Act. TCS does not currently regularly provide personal information to a third party.

Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing

TCS currently does not outsource processing of personal information. In case of outsourcing personal information processing, it will be done in accordance with a contract in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the details and the transferee will be disclosed pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.

Rights and Obligations of Information Subject and Exercise thereof

The information subject (or the child’s legal representative if the information subject is under the age of 14) has the right to request TCS access to, correction of, destruction of and suspension of processing of personal information of the information subject pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act. For the foregoing request, please contact

Personal Information Items Processed

Personal information collected and processed by TCS is as follows.
< Name, telephone number, mobile number, email address, website address, profile photo, member status, current job title, physical address, information concerning past participation in TCS Youth programs>

Disposal of Personal Information

In principle, TCS immediately destroys any personal information for which the retention period has expired or the purpose for processing has been achieved unless required to retain it by the laws. The procedure and method of, destruction are as follows.
Information entered by an information subject is destroyed according to related laws after the retention period has expired or the purpose for processing has been achieved.

Procedure and Method

TCS destroys personal information in the following way:

  • Electronic files are permanently deleted in a way that cannot be restored; and
  • Records, prints, writings, or recording media other than electronic files are shredded or incinerated.
Retention required by the laws

Personal information required to be retained or processed pursuant to the laws after expiration of the retention period or after achievement of the purpose of collection approved by the information subject is moved to a separate database or stored in a separate storage.

Safeguarding Personal Information

In handling personal information of information subjects, TCS takes the following technical and administrative measures to ensure security so that personal information is not lost, stolen, exposed, altered or damaged.

Technical protection measures

Password encryption: The information subject’s password is encrypted for storage and management and only the information subject knows the password. Confirmation and modification of personal information may be done by the information subject who knows the password.
Countermeasures against hacking, etc.: TCS endeavors to prevent leakage of or damage to personal information by hacking or computer viruses. Data are frequently backed up for damage to personal information, and the latest vaccine program is used to prevent leakage of or damage to information subjects’ personal information or data. Network encryption, etc. ensures secure transmission of personal information.

Administrative protection measures

Minimization of personal information processing personnel and training: TCS minimizes the number of employees handling personal information, and strives to comply with this Policy through frequent training for employees in charge.
Efforts to comply with this Policy: TCS checks the implementation of this Policy and the compliance of the employee in charge with this Policy, and endeavors to correct and respond immediately in case of a problem.

Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Cookies

TCS uses cookies, which save and load information subjects’ information from time to time, to provide individualized and customized services for each information subject.

Purpose for use of cookies

Analysis of access frequency and visit time of members and non-members, identification of information subjects’ tastes and interests, and trace tracking, target marketing and provision of customized services based on information such as event participation or number of visits.

Information subjects’ right to refuse cookies

Information subjects may refuse cookies, provided that so refusing may result in the information subject not being able to use certain services requiring log-in.

Amendment of this Policy

In case of any addition to, deletion of or revision of this Policy, TCS will notify thereof on the website, mobile homepage or application, or by e-mail, etc. registered with TCS by the information subject.

Remedies for Infringement of Rights

If you need to report or consult in relation to infringement of personal information, please inquire at the following institutions.

  • Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( / 1833-6972 without area code)
  • Personal Information Protection Center ( / 118 without area code)
  • Cyber Division, the Ministry of Scientific Investigation at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / 1301 without area code)
  • Cyber Bureau at the National Police Agency ( 182 without area code)